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What type of hair do you use?

I source the best 100% human remy hair on the market


What is "Remy Hair?"

Remy hair refers to how the hair is collected, meaning that all the hair strands and cuticle are going in the same direction. Imagine shingles on a roof, non-remy hair or lower quality hair is like if every few shingles were going in the opposite direction meaning that hair matts and tangles easier. 


How Long Do Extensions Last?

With proper care and maintenance, your extensions can last between 6-12 months before new hair needs to be repurchased.


How Frequently Do The Need To Be "Touched Up?"

I like to call them "move ups" and it all depends on how fast your hair grows. I cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly move up your extensions. On average, humans lose up to 50-150 strands per day and the hair that has naturally been shed will be stuck in your bead/tape. Waiting long periods of time between move ups can cause tangling, matting and stress on your natural hair. 

Beaded Wefts: 6-8 weeks

Tape-Ins: 5-8 weeks


What Products Should I Use and Avoid?

Make sure to use sulfate free Shampoo and conditioner. A leave in conditioner or oil is a must


Will They damage My Hair?

As in the case with anything; hair color, bleaching, curling ect, it is not the product itself that determines whether or not damaged is caused but it is about the person applying it. I take great care in making sure that my application method is attached properly, causing no damage to your natural hair.


How Do I Style and Wash My hair?

I give you an everything you need to know in my "Maintenance" section.

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