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Please note that the hair is not included.  If you would like to be color matched in the salon, please book a consolation, then you can either purchase hair through me or online with the recommended colors.

Purchasing hair can be confusing the first time, I am more than happy to answer any questions before you make your purchase!


Tape-Ins $150

This method is applied by taking 1.5in weft and sandwiching your natural hair between them. Placing them throughout your head.


Thin-Average Hair: 40 strips

Thick: 50-60 strips


Move Up 6-8weeks: Return Guests $85

                                  New Guest $95


Individual Keratin Bonds $175

The most natural in terms of movement and perfect for someone who puts their hair up frequently. These are placed strand by strand and fused with keratin bond (the same protein that the hair is made of.)

Thin-Average Hair: 120-150 strands

Thick: 175-200+ strands

Move Up 4-6months: Return Guests $150

                                    New Guests $175 

*At this time hair needs to be repurchased



I-Link $175

Similar to the keratin technique but the strands are attached with a small bead making the bonds lay very flat to the head.

Thin-Average Hair: 120-150 strands

Thick: 175-200+ strands

Move Up 3-6months: Return Guests $120

                                    New Guests $175 



Beaded Wefts $150

My personal favorite. Similar to the natural beaded row method, this method is done by taking hand tied wefts sewn onto silicone lined beads. I love this method because it gives the greatest amount of fullness, length and movement with only a few tracks. Hand-tied wefts are recommended because they are much more light weight than regular wefts.

Move Up 6-8weeks: Return Guests $65

                                  New Guest $85

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